What To Do When Play Store Is Not Working? Fixes

Fixes for Google Play Store errors, crashing, freezing problems. You might have noticed “Unfortunately Play Store stopped working” error while running this application. To fix this issue, Android Tonic shares simple and easy tips. Android users have reported problems while accessing Google play store. If you are facing similar problem, then this article is dedicated just for you. Here are some possible fixes that can help in restoring play store.

Install Latest Version Of Google Play Store

You play store application might not be working because of its old version. So you may need to updated the current version of Google play services. Simply visit this link and install the latest version.

Latest version of Google Play Store

Another way to update its current version is to on the wireless network or mobile data. If you have not blocked apps notifications on your smartphone, you’ll get a notification to update particular applications. Just select Google Play service and update it.

Clearing Play Store Cache May Fix Problem

Clearing cache of a particular application is one of the most easy and common way to fix any issue. All you have to do is just follow the instructions below

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Touch on Apps
  3. Scroll down and touch on Google Play Store
  4. Touch on Clear Cache.

Clear Cache Of Google Play Store

Note: Android 6.0 [Marshmallow] users needs to touch on Storage option in “App info” menu to clean cache as it was updated in Android 6.0.

Uninstall Updates Of Play Store

Before going through this procedure, you must note that it will not uninstall whole application. It will only uninstall the latest updated version which means you will back to the last version of Google play store.

Uninstall updates of google play store

Swipe down notification menu, touch on settings gear icon. Now touch on Apps option and locate Google Play Store. There you will see “Uninstall updates” option. Just tap on it and it will uninstall the current version.

If this procedure fixed play store error, you can install the latest version later.

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Toggle Airplane / Flight Mode

Not surly, but may help you to have access on Google play store. Swipe down the notification menu and locate Airplane mode. Touch on it and again. Once you have switched on and off, open play store and notice whether it is running or not.

Fix Play Store Issue By Force Close Option

Android users found this solution pretty helpful in restoring any application. It is quite similar with our first way. Go to Settings >–> Apps >—> Google Play Store and touch on Force stop / Force close.

Correct phone’s date and time

Sometimes, applications stopped working because of incorrect date and time on your Android phone. So we recommend you to recheck your date and time settings and correct them if incorrect.

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Restarting Phone May Also Help

Most of users prefers to this task instead of trying something else. We recommend you to restart you phone if any of your application is not working. Before restarting your phone, close all running applications and then restart your device.

So these are the steps that may help you in restoring your Google Play Store application. Hope you have successfully fixed that error. Still facing problem? Leave your query in the comment box.

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