Steps To Connect Android Phone To Smart TV

Connect your Android phone to your Smart TV with simple steps from Android Tonic. It is quite complicated, but we’ll try our best to serve you the step by step guide for connecting your Smart television with Android smartphone. After this connection, you’ll have access to videos, pictures and other files of your phone on your TV. So let’s start!

Steps to connect Android Phone to TV

Cables For Connecting Android Phone With TV

MHL [Mobile High Definition Link]: It is a cable which allows consumers to connect their phones, tablets or any other electronics with high definition TV. MHL is a consortium made up of major companies in the mobile and CE industries which includes Sony, Samsung, Nokia, Silicon Image and Toshiba. Most of Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones have this port. HTC one series, Sony Xperia phones also featured with this USB port.

Micro HDMI: Another audio / video interface that helps in connecting Android phone with television. It should not be confused with MHL. This cable is supportable to those devices which are featured with micro HDMI port.

Types of HDMI

HDMI Cable for connecting Android phone to TV

  1. Regular HDMI [Type A]: Full size cable with 19 pins on its port. If your television has this port, then we recommend you to buy a regular HDMI cable for making connection. See first cable in the image.
  2. Type B: Cable having 29 pins useful for very high resolution displays such as WQUXGA. It is compatible with dual link DVI-D.
  3. Mini HDMI [Type C]: A mini connector smaller than regular HDMI of-course. It also has 19 pin configuration supportable for portable devices. See second cable in above image
  4. Micro HDMI [Type D]: The smallest in this list with 19 pins supportable to most TV. See third cable in the image.

Note: Before buying a cable for making connection, must note the type of USB port of your smart TV.

Now Connect Your Android Phone To TV

Once you have purchased the correct HDMI cable, just connect your phone with TV using the cable.

Connect your MHL Cable: For this connection, plug the male HDMI cable into the television and male micro USB cable into your smartphone. Now plug the male USB cable into a USB charger.

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Connect Android Phone With TV Without Wire

You might be wondering about how can I connect my phone with TV without wire or cable? Well you can do it with the help of Miracast. If your TV supports Miracast, then this connection is possible with any other hardware. For this connection, your smartphone must be installed with Android 2.0 or above operating system.

There is another hardware which makes this connection possible i.e. Google Chromecast. An affordable device requires a Wi-Fi connection that runs Android phone on your TV. One of advantages is that iPlayer, Netflix, BT Sport and other services can be processed with Chromecast which can save battery of your phone or tablet.

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Connect Android Phone To TV Video Tutorial

We’ve found a YouTube video tutorial which brilliantly explain the 2 ways to connect phones or tablets with TV with or without wire. Take a look on this video and enjoy your watching.

With this video tutorial, we wraps up this article. Hope you have successfully connected your Android phone with television. Let us know how many you successfully did it in the comment box below. You can also leave your queries also.

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