How To Speed Up Android Smartphone Performance

If you are running Android 6.0 or any other version of Android OS on your smartphone and wants to speed up the performance, then this article is going to help you. The Android M came with lots of new features and fixed so many bugs also. Speeding up an Android phone is a good idea when your business in highly depends on your device. Today’s we’ll try our best to enhance the performance of your Android Marshmallow. So let’s start.

How to speed up Android 6.0 M

First Of All, Enable The Developer Option

Developer Option comes with so many features like Desktop backup password, Stay Awake, Theme selection and many more. This option also helps in connecting your device to your computer or with other devices, shows touches, enable usage of CPU etc.

Enable developer options for fast processing

If you are using Android operating system from last 2 years, you might be aware of this feature. But, if you are listening this term for the first time, then don’t worry, it is quite easy to enable. Just follow the instructions given below:

  • Go to Settings and tap on About Phone option
  • This section includes information about your phone. You just scroll down and find Build Number.
  • Tap “Build Number” seven times and you’ll notice a notification saying “You are now a developer!”

That’s it. You have just made yourself developer of your Android device. Now it’s time to boost up its performance.

Adjust Animations Scale For Speeding Up

Adust animation to improve performanceAnimations have huge effect on any device, whether it is a phone, laptop or any other device. Once you have enabled the developer option, now its time to increase speed of animation or you can even turn off animations. Now follow these instructions

  • Again go to Settings, scroll down the page and tap on Developer options.
  • Scroll down till you find animation scale options. There are total of three animation scale options. These are window animation scale, transition animation scale and animator duration scale.
  • If you wants to use your Android phone with animations, then switch all these options to minimum [.5x]. Otherwise, turn all three animations “off” for the peak performance.

You’ll now notice that your Android phone is launching the applications faster than before. Also, the animations are taking less time.

Install Cache Cleaner Application For Better Performance

Cache applications to speed up phone

Cache consumes very good amount of space and are also responsible for making any device slow. So you may need to empty cache of your device. In order to make your device work fast, you can install any cache cleaner application. Some cache applications that we recommends are:

  1. Clean Master: Offered by Cheetah mobile, clean master is the most popular, most trusted cache cleaner application for the smartphones. Some additional features of Clean Master are battery save and Free Anti Virus. Install clean master.
  2. DU Speed Booster & Antivirus: It is a speed booster, ram booster, memory booster, battery optimizer and also manages your applications. It can delete unnecessary processes, solve overheating problem, transfer many files to your SD card with a click etc. Install DU speed booster.
  3. C Cleaner: Light in weight and compatible for almost any Android phone. The C Cleaner is offered by Priform has already got more than 10m installs. Install C Cleaner.

Uninstall Unwanted Applications

Sometimes users accidentally installs an application while using the internet. That application can cause harm to their device. So we recommend you to uninstall that unwanted application.

Android M 6.0 has an incredible feature of directly uninstalling the app right from main menu. Just tap and hold the application that you wants to uninstall, drag it to the “dustbin icon” at the top of your home screen. You will get a notification “Do you want to uninstall this app?” Confirm it and uninstall that app.

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