Google May Run Online Poll For Android N 7.0 Name

Google may run an online poll to name its next version which is Android N 7.0. Users of Android loves to talk on its latest version. This time, the discussion is going to be more exited as Google CEO “Sundar Pichai” hinted that Google may run online poll for its naming. Looking on huge fan base of Android, Google would like to run such campaign that can raise the number of Android users.

Android N May Be Named After Voting Poll

Do You Think Google Will Run Online Poll For Android “N” Name ?

When Sundar Pichai visited Delhi University’s SRCC college, he talked a lot about his college life, his favorite sport and Android platform also. The interesting part for the Android users was name of next version. Indian former cricketer Harsha Bhogle was questing to Pichai and both of them had great conversation.

About the next version, Pichai said “We keep looking at these names but may be for the next version Android N – we will have online poll and if all Indian users vote, we are sure to have Android named after an Indian dessert“.

So we can expect an online poll for Android N version in which not only developers, users can also participate for its naming.

When Sundar Pichai was asked “Why don’t we still not have Android version named after Indian dessert?” He replied, “Developers are hunting the bloodline of software. India is unique positioned. There’s tremendous in software development compared to other countries.”

How many of you want an online poll for Android N name? If yes, then which names you want to see in the list of Android N voting poll?

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