Android N Feature: Settings Button On App Info Screen

One more new feature of Android N 7.0 is expected to be added in the upcoming OS. The latest version of Android operating system [Android 7.0] is currently under the preview, but this new feature is highly expected as it is also looking handy for the Android users. Latest rumors about Android N revealed that users can now adjust settings of a particular app from “App Info” screen.

Settings icon on App info screen

Settings Button On App Info Screen In Android N

Settings of applications is one of the most common tasks of Android users. To make this more flexible, a settings option is expected to be added in the “App Info” screen. Although this option is also available from main settings, but one can easily go through this while reading the app info.

From app info screen, users get information about data storage, notification status, permissions etc. Now from Android N onwards, they’ll see a settings gear icon next to app name, if Google adds it to next version of OS.

If you are android developers, you can add this new feature of Android N by just adding a string with the value android.intent.action. For more info, you can visit Android N 7.0 preview.

More new features will be revealed at Google I/O which is scheduled for 18th May 2016. According to Google, the final version of latest Android version will be ready by the summer 2016. So we can expect the launch of Android N 7.0 in the month of October or November. You can read about Android N 7.0 name.

It is not officially announced that whether this feature will be added or not in Android 7.0. But it’s looking user friendly so we can expect this new settings option in Android N.

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