Android N 7.0 Release Date, Possible Name, Compatible Phones

Android 7.0 N has arrived with its preview version and the developers have started working on it. On 9th of March 2016, Google unveiled Preview version of Android 7.0, far earlier than previous releases. Right now, just 2.3% of Android devices are running on Android 6.0 [Marshmallow] platform. What could be the name, release date and which phones may receive Android 7.0 N update? Let’s find it out.

Android 7.0 Release Date

Android N 7.0 Release Date

The release date of Android 7.0 is not officially announced yet. However, we can expect it official release date at Google I/O which is scheduled to be held on 18th of May this year. The search engine giant also stated that some more features will be unveiled by the summer.

Around the month of October, the final preview of Android 7.0 is expected to be launched. You can expected new Nexus smartphone in same month that will be running on latest Android Operating system. So you have to wait until May 2016 for the official release date of latest Android OS.

What Will Be Name Of Android N?

Android N Possible Name

After the launch of Android N preview, everyone has started guessing about the name of Android N. Following Google’s tradition of naming the operating system, it is most expected to be named after a sweet or dessert. Are you wondering about Nutella? Do you like this name, does this name fits with Android OS. What about other sweets starting with “N”

What about “Nougat” ?

Google would like to name its next version of operating system with a simple and easy word. So Android Tonic believes “Nougat” is also a good and flexible name that meets the naming requirements of Android N 7.0. Nougat was originated in Spain and is called by different name in different countries. Do you have any other name? We would like to hear from your. Just mention it below this article.

Or Will Google Run An Online Poll For Its Naming?

Remember when Google CEO Sundar Pichai visited New Delhi, India? During an interview with former Indian cricketer Harsha Bhogle, Pichai said “We may organize an online poll to choose the name of the next Android release. And if all Indians vote, I think we can make [an Indian name] it happen.” So we can expected an online poll from Google which may decide name of Android N 7.0.

Smartphones That Can Receive Android N 7.0 Update

Android N Compatible Devices

New Android version means new Nexus device[s]. Google always launch a new smartphone or tablet or both which runs on latest Android operating system. So If you are all done with your current phone and are planning to buy a new device, then Google Nexus is a phone that will bring you Android N 7.0.

What about Non – Nexus Devices?

Nexus devices receives the latest Android version faster than any other device, but if you have a Non Nexus device, then you have to wait more. Samsung’s most advanced phone till date is Samsung Galaxy S7. It was released in March 2016 and is running on Android V6.0 Marshmallow.

It is rumored that Galaxy S7 is expected to receive Android N update in 2017. Smartphones like Samsung S7, Sony Xperia Z5, Motorola Moto X, HTC One M9 etc. are currently running on Android 6.0 marshmallow. So these are the are phones which may receive the update of Android N, but we are not 100% sure. In short, Marshmallow Android phones are expected to receive Android 7.0 update.

That’s what we can guess about the new version of Android N. Hope you enjoyed this article. Now it’s time to share what you think about next version. So start sharing what is going on your mind.

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