Thursday, 5 December 2013

ROM Toolbox Pro APK Download

If you want to have an app packed with lots of features and functions being a rooted device user, then downloading Rom Toolbox Pro APK is the answer. This app is one of the truest applications that meet many root user needs. Learn more here before you download because not every app will be useful for all. So get to know if this Android app is really for you.

If you want a quick ROM Toolbox Pro APK download, the below blue text will lead you to the Google Play store page where you can get the real APK file.

Note! You’ll be required to pay $4.99 before you can download ROM Toolbox Pro APK file on Play store.

ROM Toolbox Pro has its own pros and cons which I will be explaining in this article but I still believe this app is very useful and shouldn’t be ignored. The $4.99 price tag is very low when compared to the amazing possibilities this app offer users. You need to understand that this application can’t be installed unless you’ve root your device. If you’re new to this, please kindly research and ask questions before you decide on how you’re going to root your Android device. Some rooting methods may be very harmful to your Smartphone. You’re free to contact me in case you need help on how to root your device. As mentioned earlier, you may want to know if it’s really useful for you before clicking the ROM Toolbox Pro APK Download link given above.

ROM Toolbox Pro offers users many functions that would have been placed in different applications. Inside this app: you can easily perform backups, set up ROMs and remove unwanted data. The performance menu of this app enables users to increase the SD card speeds and modify the task killer function of their device. Its App Manager attributes can completely take the place of apps like Titanium Backup. This makes it more fun to use because you can quickly take care of those little jobs Titanium Backup and others does using a single app.

ROM Toolbox Pro is fully loaded with plenty features. You’ll have useful tools available at your disposal to help you take over 100% control of your rooted Android device.
Even though users may admire this app, it also produces some dissatisfaction among its users. ROM Toolbox Pro is unsatisfactory to some because it’s not a place to discover ROMs—but you can easily modify and take care of your current ROMs with this app. So the cost is still worth it.

If you haven’t downloaded the ROM Toolbox Pro APK file, you can quickly do that by going through the blue text link given above. Don’t forget to share this nice post with your friends; I’m sure they will like it too.
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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

All About Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is an Android app that enables hackers or pirates to breach some app developers’ Play store verification process. Note! I do not recommend anybody to use this application. I just think it’s a pretty bad app and very offensive considering the work these hard-working app-makers had put into the apps we download everyday from the Android Market.

Well, lucky patcher is only compatible with rooted Android devices so it’s of no use to individuals who haven’t root their Android Smartphone. I generally do not advise people to root their device because, I still believe that would only do more bad than good. I enjoy many unbelievable features, apps, games and more cool things my android device offers me every day, so I don’t have a single reason to root it. If you’ve got yours with your hard-earned cash, I’m sure you won’t want to damage it quickly by rooting it.

I’m only writing about Lucky Patcher for Android users who probably came across this app while surfing the net and thinks they should have it on their device too. I want you to know that this isn’t a good application at all, and you shouldn’t install it if you like your phone. I couldn’t find any review about this Lucky Patcher app, and that’s a clear warning sign that in this app; lurks malwares and viruses. Some websites that offer the download lucky patcher apk link warn users of the potential damages it could cause, meaning, they’re not liable for any complications that may arise after downloading the lucky patcher apk file from their web page.

I was lucky to stumble-upon a post on XDA forums about Lucky Patcher. The poster claimed that this app is the best ad-blocker available for to Android users. I still don’t think that should be the reason why we should download this app. Apps available on Play store aren’t jam-packed with ads. And if I should dislike an application for its ads, there are always other good alternatives available which I can easily switch to. If you download lucky patcher apk file because of its ad-blocking feature, then you’re going to be exposing your Smartphone to an uncalculated risks that could render your device useless. If you really appreciate the work of these app developers, then you wouldn’t use lucky patcher app.

So readers, I’ll like to read your thoughts about this lucky patcher app. Do you believe this is a good or bad application? Why? Will you recommend it to other Android users? Share your thoughts please. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends; I’m sure they’ll like it too. If you have any questions for me, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m always willing to listen and answer your questions. Comment on this lucky patcher using the comment box you’ll find below.
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Nova Launcher Prime APK Download

Download Nova Launcher Prime APK today to kick-start your journey to an Android-world blessed with endless customizations. Not too long, I wrote about New Launcher 3D but if you’re somehow not happy with the tag-price on Play store, here’s a great alternative and that’s Nova Launcher Prime.
Nova Launcher (free) and Nova Launcher Prime (paid) are both one of the finest launchers available on the Android Market. The paid version removes all unlocks to enable user enjoy the maximal benefits expected from a premium launcher. It is flawless and not difficult to use at all. The free version is packed with lots of functionalities but I’ll recommend the prime-laden version if you want to have more fun with your launcher. It’s made by one of the biggest names on Play store: TeslaCoil Software. They’re very trustworthy and reliable, dealing with them offers the utmost security we crave for our devices. I generally deal with only respected app developers and that’s why I approve you download Nova Launcher Prime apk today.

If you want a quick and secure Nova Launcher Prime apk download, the below blue text will lead you to Google Play store Nova Launcher Prime page, note that, it currently costs $4 to download.

Nova Launcher Prime APK Download

If you’re new and haven’t learn much about this great app before now, you may be interested in trying with the free version first before you know if it’s worth paying that amount for the prime version. But I want to assure you that both are worth trying. This Android launcher has been able to garner enough votes to consider it a top app we shouldn’t ignore. If you’re a bit skeptical before you choose to try Nova Launcher Prime apk, then switching to Nova Launcher which is available for free is a good option. The below blue text will lead you to the download page on Google Play store.

Nova Launcher APK Download (free)
Nova Launcher Prime is eleven times better than your stock launcher, so discard the thoughts of not getting the value for your money. It’s considered the best so don’t even hesitate before you install it on that Android Smartphone. Though, widget re-sizing is often regarded as a feature you’re likely to see in any third-party launcher. But this nice app made it a piece of cake.

Customization is where Nova Launcher Prime truly shines. You’re given the 100% freedom to modify how you want your home-screen look like. There’s no duplicate of this app out there, so you must quickly grab it with both hands. I myself didn’t know I would fall in love with this polished and refined app, until tried it myself. If you still doubt this, experiment with the free download, then come back here to share your views using the comment box you’ll find below this post. I want to read from you too.

Also, you can easily backup and restore your settings in case you get a new device or something else. You won’t have to go through the hassles of setting up your launcher again, and that’s a good thing. Nova launcher prime performances currently stand-out among the crowd.

I’m sure Android users will not want to ignore a launcher whose value is clearly seen in both the free and paid versions. Both have distinct qualities but I’ll suggest you download Nova Launcher Prime apk if paying the relatively low fee isn’t a hitch. Without doubt, you’ll get more than the financial worth of this app if your purchase it. Download from the above links to Google Play store. Don’t forget to check out more informative write-ups on this Android site.

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Friday, 29 November 2013

Real Racing 3 APK Download

Download Real Racing 3 APK today to step-up your mobile racing experience. Show the world your racing skills and talents if you’re already a racing guru. You can also compete with my excellent records if you believe you can beat it. I’ll share everything you need to know if you’re new and please let’s exchange some tips below if you’re a racing expert.

Quickly download Real Racing 3 APK file by clicking the below blue text to Play store:

Image Source:
But don’t leave yet! There are numerous important information about this game here. This can’t be found anywhere else and, so stay tuned!

I’ve been actively and attentively engaged with this racing game on my Android device since mid-October. Today, I’ve decided to let the cat out of the bag. I’ll share all my views and I also want you to do that too after reading.

It’s too exceptional when compared to others I’ve played on my Smartphone. Playing it for the first time, I was overwhelmed by the whole environment and how it speeds, although racers have to decelerate when tracks are flooded with cars. Even when that happens, racers are always ready to blow over opponents. It’s more entertaining watching the whole activities via my phone screen.

The good

Real Racing 3 had captured many mobile gamers hearts because of its ability to effectively meet their increasing demands and tastes. Active racers can’t ignore a game whose control isn’t difficult to operate at all. “Assisted” settings is there to help you after installing the real racing 3 apk file you’ve downloaded above. Experienced racers may choose to ignore this by completely turning it off, but new racers should leave the “assisted” settings on to get the true feel of the game before they can start to improve their racing skills. You also have the freedom to modify the control, this helps in developing your own racing style and skills.

If you’re new to the platform, starting with a low difficulty level is better for developing mastery. There are two types of rewards: R$(money) and Gold. Money is earned for finishing the race, you get “gold” for some remarkable accomplishment and unlocks. You utilize the cash you bagged to acquire new cars, upgrades and fix present car faults. Note that you’re only rewarded with R$ when you’ve triumph in a race. Gold is needed for various unlocks.

It’s critical you win a race because R$ is needed to maintain and repair your car. Every race won brings in thousands of R$ so you might not be too worried about keeping up your car. It costs R$75 to fix most frequent faults. Also, car upgrading and buying a new car may cost you bunch of money. Racers may need to wait for 2 minute for an upgrade to be completed but if you desire an immediate upgrade—Gold is needed.


This game is very amusing and appealing but if you want more to make it look real, unlocking some sweet features is required. This is where the developer generate income. R$ and Gold are available for sale in the app. I’m sure many racers may be a little upset about this. It’s completely free to play, this option is only for those who want to go beyond fun-making. Real Racing 3 isn’t a bummer at all, I believe racers who aren’t new to this type of game knows the idea of unlocks, racing for rewards and paying for some features. Though how the developer of Real Racing 3 intends to generate revenue is a bit different from other racing games I’ve seen in the past. It’s still worth playing because I think the graphics and attributes of this racing game available to Android users are currently unmatched.

The Bad

The waiting times makes it more complicated. Cars are often damaged and needs to be repaired. This will cost money and more waiting times. Skipping all that will cost 8 gold tokens and 10 gold is only available for $1.99. To me, I think that’s just too much to pay for a game as you can’t be sure of how many times you’re going to pay this amount.


I don’t think it would be nice to write my general view about this racing game. I’ve managed to come up with my good and bad views about this app. I will want you to kindly offer your thoughts about this game. Would you still want to race with it? What do you think about the in-app purchases model? Is it a nice game you’ll recommend to your friends? You’ll find a comment box below this post, kindly post your views there. I will like to read from you too. Also, don’t forget to download Real Racing 3 apk file from the link provided above.
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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Blackmart Alpha APK Download

Should you download Blackmart Alpha APK? Many people want to get premium apps for free and I’m not an exception.

Here, I’ll provide you with everything you need to know. After reading this article, you’ll know whether to proceed to download blackmart alpha APK file. Please read all the information provided here. Jumping texts may result in missing some juicy and important tips.

What is Blackmart Alpha?
To be completely honest with you, Blackmart alpha is like a black-market where you can obtain premium apps illegally. If you’ve ever deal with black-market sellers before, I’m sure you’ll be convinced and instantly pinpoint my view. There are many unexpected things you must expect when dealing with apps like this.

Play store thoughts about apps like Blackmart Alpha & Co.

I checked Play store some hours ago to learn Google opinions relating to blackmart alpha and others.
Here’s a snippet from Play store:
Please note that some app stores (unverified) risk carrying Malware/Spyware apps.

There are many other app stores out there but Google doesn’t think dealing with them is safe. If you’ve just gotten your phone with your hard-earned cash, I’m sure you won’t want to damage it too fast. Heeding to the big Google warning is the first step to operating a virus-free phone, but note that I’m not saying you shouldn’t download blackmart alpha apk file. Being a loyal reader here, I just want the best for you. I’m sure we all desire a virus-free world.

Using Blackmart Alpha
If you’ve ever used an iOS phone before now, you would have come across terms like Cydia or jail breaking. You may certainly not know it if you didn’t root your device. This app can be compared to Cydia. But the good thing about using it is that you don’t need to root your android device before you can start downloading premium apps for free.

I had to search all over the net to ascertain user views about this app store but what I found out isn’t good at all. I couldn’t find one review from any reputable app reviewing site. I only found few junky sites referring their visitors to download blackmart alpha apk file. This is a clear warning sign. I also discovered that this app works on some devices and also too many complains were discovered while researching.

Why do you need to download Blackmart alpha apk in the first place?
I know that individuals do show bad impression immediately they discover an app isn’t available for free. Many don’t want to cough up some amount for applications. The truth is most paid apps available on Play store have a trial version too. You should choose to test-run the app using the trial version available than downloading from app stores like this.

But if you still insist…
If you still desire to download blackmart alpha apk on your android. I’ve got a good link for you to do that.

This is it!

Note that I’m not in any way affiliated with the  site on that link and I do not guarantee that it won’t affect your Android device with virus.

The dangers!
Below are some disadvantages or booby traps your phone may be exposed to after downloading this app viz.
  • A general and annoying slowdown in your device performance.
  • Different virus and malware attacks.
  • Crash in internal-storage drive.
  • Zero app updates.
  • Apps or the whole phone may be put to halt by the Android OS at any moment.
  • Frequent and irritating rebooting.
  • Device hanging.
  • Inability to make and receive calls.
  • Damage to the audio system.
  • Phone may become incompetent.
  • Blank or dark screen.
The above lists are the confirmed reported complains from users who had tried this app store.
Installing this app doesn’t meet the required criteria’s for keeping a virus free phone.

Criteria’s to keep your Smartphone safe from virus
  • Diligent and systematic inquiry about the publisher- The developer of Blackmart alpha isn’t known. You’re required to do your own research about the developer of any app before you go ahead and install their product. Get to know how reputable they are at the marketplace and how many apps they’ve launched on Play store.
  • Online Reviews- Well I haven’t come across any review about the app from any good online Android application reviewing site. None has mentioned about this app before. And they’ve been more complains from current users.
  • Check permissions- I won’t dig much into this because I haven’t try the app myself so I don’t know what the settings is. But one thing is clear-stay out!
  • Don’t install apk file directly- Since Google Play store doesn’t offer direct download of it, there’s no way to avoid this important caution if you choose to go ahead.
  • Use Antivirus- I’ve always advise my readers to use an antivirus and make sure they scan every apk file before installing. I have a feeling that the antivirus scanner would never approve blackmart alpha apk file. If it does please comment below to tell us.

The above are just criteria’s every app must meet. Before you decide to install, Blackmart alpha apk file doesn’t meet any of the above conditions. My thoughts are very clear and precise: do NOT install.

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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

SwiftKey APK Download For Android

Download SwiftKey APK for your Android device today to become a better typist. SwiftKey is the best and most downloaded keyboard app on Google Play store.

Today, I will share everything you need to know about this application and also provide you with the download link. If you want a quick download of SwiftKey APK file right now, click the below blue links to do that, but note that this fantastic keyboard app is currently valued at $3.99. The good news is that you can go for the 30 days trial period version. That will enable you to test-run it for free and see if it's really worth the price. I believe that you'll be convinced to buy. 

Google Play store links to download SwiftKey APK

 Familiarizing Yourself With SwiftKey 

What is SwiftKey?

For you to reap the full benefits users derive from SwiftKey app, you'll need to familiarize yourself with all the features, but before I reveal those nice characteristics, I will like to explain the meaning of SwiftKey. I couldn't come up with my own definition, but I'm glad I was able to get the best definition via search viz. 

SwiftKey is an input method for Android devices such as smartphones and tablets. SwiftKey uses a blend of artificial intelligence technologies that enable it to predict the next word the user intends to type. SwiftKey learns from previous SMS messages and output prediction based on currently input text and what it has learned. 

The SwiftKey features you need to get acquainted with

SwiftKey Cloud 
SwiftKey Cloud was released after the company paid close attention to its users needs. With this feature, you no longer have to worry if you carry two or more Android devices. 
Here are the functions of this feature
  • It enables SwiftKey to Backup & Sync users activities in the cloud. This would make SwiftKey easily pickup from where it left in case you migrate to a new device. 
  • Enable SwiftKey to connect with other apps like Gmail, Facebook & Twitter. This will increase the efficiency of SwiftKey's predictions (Requires your approval). 
SwiftKey Flow
Many naive users of SwiftKey believed this app is all about the Flow feature. I think this is because new users are already very satisfied with the app after using the Flow feature. That tells you how useful and important users value this Flow service. It's one of the best, ever imagine writing a full sentence without typing much? SwiftKey Flow reads the users mind. For example, if you type your first name, SwiftKey Flow will immediately present your last name, and this may continue until you suddenly noticed that you've written a full sentence. SwiftKey Flow is a complete mind reading'll have it at your disposal after paying the one time $3.99 fee. 

 SwiftKey Smart Space 
Sometimes hitting the space bar often times may be annoying. SwiftKey want to make its users lazy but 99% efficient typists. SwiftKey smart space will turn a complete typo into a more meaningful words and this feature makes users more happy with the app. 

SwiftKey Themes
Users have the freedom to select themes they want. Different keyboard styles and layouts are provided. There are currently 12 themes to choose from. This shows SwiftKey isn't only the best keyboard app for android devices, it also provides users with nice keyboard designs. 

This keyboard app has bagged many awards since it was first launched. It also currently maintain the record of being the most downloaded paid app on Play store. This shows that this app has never failed its users. I feel the $3.99 current price tag worth it because the present features offered is still unmatched by competitors in it's category, even Google's own default keyboard is still many miles away from beating this app. 

SwiftKey APK
Image source:

How do I get started With SwiftKey?

For you to be a efficient user, you'll first need to get yourself acquainted with the basic settings. Here I provide you with the settings and their functions. 

SwiftKey Cloud Settings 
  • Access your Facebook and Twitter account settings. 
  • Enable/Disable trending phrases 
  • Deactivate cloud service. 
  • Allow/ Disallow Back-up and syncing. 
Keyboard Settings
  • Choose keyboard type (6 options available to choose from). Note that you can leave it at default to use the normal keyboard. 
  • Select the best themes you like from the 11 available themes. 
  • Modify the functions of the spacebar key. 
  • Authorize arrows for moving up and down on the user-interface.
  • Edit or add new key functions to suit your needs. 
  • Manipulate with key vibration settings. 
  • Choose from 60 languages available. Note! SwiftKey allows maximum of 3 languages at a go.
Sounds & Vibration Settings
  • Allow or disallow keystroke sounds when you're using SwiftKey. 
  • Keystroke volume setting. 
  • Enable or disable vibration. 
  • Duration of vibration settings. 
Note that the above list of settings are just the basic settings. You should be able to customize the keyboard keys and environment after you've been able to master the above settings effectively. 

Analyzing your typing performance with SwiftKey
Users are provided with the complete report that shows how they're doing with the app. Below are some tips you'll get from the analysis. 
  • The most used words 
  • Typos made
  • Words predicted 
  • Words flowed 
  • Typing effectiveness etc. 

Download SwiftKey APK file through the link given above if you haven't done that before. Also, don't forget to share this wonderful post with your friends on social sites. I'm sure they'll like it. Thanks for reading. 

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Monday, 25 November 2013

Next Launcher 3D APK Download

Download Next Launcher 3D APK today to start enjoying a premium launcher that offers Android users the best. This launcher creates splendid 3D sensation and at the same time relinquish sleekness and some other features. Many users want a perfect launcher app that will work with any third party themes (freebie & paid), widgets & plugins, and the ability for them to effortlessly edit the launcher according to their preferences.
Image Credit:

This app is wholly 3D, and it's universe strive with awesome animations and flowing alteration. There is also no definite or permanently placed home screen grid, this element make you customize and edit icons and widgets with ease. 

If you want to quickly download Next Launcher 3D APK for on your Android device today, below are the blue links to do that. But note that it currently costs $16 to download this nice app. There's also an option to download the Lite Version. The Lite version is free for only 86 hours. Then you'll know if you want to buy the paid version. I'm very sure that you'll like it. Before you click the link to download. There are tons of things you need to know about this app, this article will enlighten you more about the benefits that Next Launcher 3D offers. 

Google Play store links: 

Is This Launcher Really Worth The Price? 

Yes! It does. If paying $16 isn't a dilemma for you, then go ahead and buy it. You'll definitely be satisfied with what this app would present you. 

Some Settings You Need To Know! 

Now lets talk about some settings you need to get acquainted with before you go ahead and download Next Launcher 3D APK file on Google Play store. 
  • Authorize notification counters. 
  • Dodge accidental editing. App Drawer   
App Drawer
  • Initiate infinity scroll 
  • Toggle between horizontal and vertical scrolling.  
  • Option to bury the multi-functional action bar.
  •  Alter the icon grid.
Backup & Restore
  • Option to bring back your launcher settins and arrangement
  • Fix allowed dock pages you want.
  • Allow or disallow if you want the dock iOS-esque dock background and vice versa. 
  • Shut off the dock if you don't want it. 

  • Refine the effects you experience when you click and open folders. 
  • Select from the excess effects available for your home screen. 
  • Select home screen motion styles. 
  • Options to modify the swing size. 

  • Manipulate and customize common gestures e.g. Swiping up & down. 

  • Preferences for setting orientation. 
  • Enabling or disabling the 'next key' for scrolling, hiding icons and status bar. 
  • Enabling or disabling of lively wallpaper effects. 
  • Rapidity in scrolling. 
  • Options to edit the home screen structure. 

You need to get yourself acquainted with the above list of settings before you can effectively create a perfect 3D environment that will produce a stunning mood. 

Why I like Next Launcher 3D! 

There are numerous reasons why I preferred Next Launcher 3D than other launchers out there. This app gives me 100% flexibility to modify my Android environment. 

Below are some of the features that made me like this nice launcher:

Complete 3D Animation The 3D I experience from this app is very pleasing and satisfying. The widgets are superb and can stir up excitement every time I use it. For example, if you use the Weather Widget, you'll see the prevailing weather and forecasts for the coming days. This gives you a bull's-eye at a glance. You will see the accurate weather forecasts you need immediately  after looking at the weather widget. 

Setting-up Widgets Setting-up widgets is very easy with Next Launcher 3D. Widgets are ready for use immediately after installing the app. You can obtain them by clicking 'Next Laucher Widgets' icon. Note that the small preview image you'll see before installing widgets doesn't express the widget in a clear manner, so you'll have to first set-up the widget to get its real and true feel. You should experiment with all the widgets before you choose. 

Phonebook Maintenance One of the distinct character of this app is, it helps you locate your darling contacts without effort. The Contacts Widgets have some extraordinary features you'll like. Adding and removing a contact is made very easy because you can do all that within the widget. 

Calendar Widget The calendar widget has everything to help you keep up with your schedules. It also has two different designs-Agenda and Calendar view. I like the agenda design very much. 

Dock Modification The maximum docks allowed is seven. Presently, I'm using only 3. It all depends on your wants, you can have only one of you like. Customizing the dock is very easy and doesn't take much time. You can also pick from 2D or 3D options. I personally just go with 3D because it gives me better user experience than 2D. 

App Drawer Well, I revealed about App Drawer Settings above, I'm sure you can quickly know the function this feature performs from it's meaning. You can easily modify any application installed on your device using App Drawer. 

Clock Widget Next Launcher 3D comes with 2 clock widgets-Analog and Digital. To be sincere with you, I'm still undecided with which one to choose. I'm now using both because they both offer me nice animation. This widget makes a complete elegant home screen. Wow!

Switch Widget This is one of the most admirable widget available on the Next Launcher 3D app. I've been using it right from day one and it has never disappointed me. This jewel lets you add and remove various functions. Switching between connections and application is made effortless using this widget. 

Music Widget This widget would beautify your home screen while you listen to your favorite artists or songs. 

I'm sure you can easily come up with your own favorite features after you've download and using the app. I will really want to read from you too. You can share your views and favorite features using the comment box below. I just want to know about some features I might be missing due to lack of time to try it myself. Don't forget to share this post with your friends. I'm sure they will like it too. 

If you haven't downloaded the Next Launcher 3D APK file please quickly do that using the above blue bold links. 

"Next Launcher 3D APK Download" Sources: 
Marissa Tredici Your Next Launcher Is Out Of This World And You Won't Even Need 3D Glasses!
Talha Ismail Next Launcher 3D-Which Android Launcher Is The Best For You?
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